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The inaugural Gareth Knight Conference
Glastonbury, 26 March 2022


Advance tickets will be available until 24th March, unless sold out.

After this time, you may still be able to get a ticket on the door.

Gareth Knight is one of the foremost authorities on the Western Mystery Tradition and modern ritual magic, and although he retired from public life at the end of the 1990s, his private working group has continued in the same spirit ever since. The Gareth Knight Group is a fully contacted working group, one of the Greater Mystery Temples which serve the folk soul of Britain. This inaugural conference celebrates Gareth Knight's work and showcases our past, present and future work, with talks on a range of esoteric topics. There will also be a guided meditation.

The cost is £20 for tickets sold in advance. If there are still tickets left on the day they can be bought on the door for £25.

The conference is taking place at the Assembly Rooms, High Street, Glastonbury, Somerset BA6 9DU.

Doors open at 9:30am. Please arrive promptly for registration, as the talks will begin at 10:00am. There will be a break for lunch, plus refreshment breaks. Tea and coffee will be available. The conference is scheduled to end at 5:30pm.

Tickets are available from Skylight Press. You will be taken to their website to make your purchase.

Please see below for the latest information about what's on the programme. 

Covid update: standard government guidance applies at this event. Masks are not mandatory; we only ask that you be considerate to others.

Introduction and Welcome

Rebsie Fairholm

An introduction to the work of the Gareth Knight Group, and how it all started.

The Rose Cross and the Goddess

Wendy Berg

Wendy has been a member of the Gareth Knight Group since the 1990s, and led the group between 1999 and 2013. Her published work includes Red Tree, White Tree: Faeries and Humans in Partnership, and The House of the Net: The Magical Symbolism of the Hieroglyphs. Her talk will highlight the pioneering work of Gareth Knight in reconnecting the feminine with the Rosicrucian movement.

Anglo-Saxon Magic

Rebsie Fairholm

Rebsie is Gareth Knight's daughter, and having joined the Group in 1995, worked alongside him for many years. She has been group magus since 2013.


The Anglo-Saxons had a vibrant magical tradition, much of it now lost or forgotten, but it remains England's direct ancestral spiritual heritage. Rebsie will look at what survives of Old English magical lore, explaining how to work with it on a practical basis, and why the Saxon gods are as alive today as they were 1000 years ago.

Remembering Arwen Undómiel

J R Petrie

Julie spent her professional career as a Consultant Clinical Psychologist and Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist, with many years NHS experience as a senior clinician. She became increasingly aware of the link between psyche and cosmos, which brought her to the Mysteries. She is a member of the Gareth Knight Group. She is also an academic student of myth and the sacred having recently completed a Masters degree in Myth, Cosmology, and the Sacred.


Julie’s talk has, as its starting point, an encounter with an elven being. She then amplifies this encounter to illuminate the magical significance of Arwen Undómiel.

Science and Magic

M E Beardsley

Margaret is a professional scientist and engineer. Having gathered up the degrees of BSc, LLB and PhD, the majority of her professional life has been spent investigating incidents at industrial sites worldwide. She also has a keen interest in history, particularly in relation to the High Middle Ages in Britain. A member of the Gareth Knight Group, she sees close links between science and magic. Starting from Gareth Knight's observations that both science and magic suffered from the rift that grew between them, this talk will explore the factors that led to the division of science and magic, the paths that each took, and the signs that those paths are, at last, converging once more.

Beyond Books

Derek Thompson

Derek is a freelance writer and novelist, who previously worked in IT & Communications. He is a member of the Gareth Knight Group and has been visiting Glastonbury since the mid 1980s (it has changed a lot!). He is especially drawn to the Green Ray and its expression through creativity. 

His talk considers the links between writing fiction and esoteric work, and how creative writing techniques can be imaginatively applied to both disciplines.