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The magical tradition of Gareth Knight and Dion Fortune

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Inaugural Conference
March 2022

The GK Group is very proud to announce the launch of our first conference celebrating the work of Gareth Knight and the continuation of his work through the group he founded. We hope you will join us at the Assembly Rooms in Glastonbury for a day of talks on a variety of esoteric topics.

Tickets available from Skylight Press

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Lyra magazine

Established in 2012, LYRA is a quarterly magazine published by the Gareth Knight Group and available exclusively to members. Most of the content is written by members of the group, including Gareth Knight.

Although privately published, plans are underway to issue a Lyra anthology in book form.

A sample Lyra article can be found on our Resources page.

About the Gareth Knight Group

The Gareth Knight Group (or GK Group for short) is a fully contacted working group, one of the Greater Mystery Temples which serve the folk soul of Britain. In other words, we work with a group of Inner Plane Adepti or ‘contacts,’ and are guided by them in aspects of the Great Work of building bridges between the spiritual worlds and material creation.

Our group was founded by Gareth Knight in April 1973. We still meet five times a year to perform magical workings and meditations, most of which are written by members.


About Gareth Knight

Gareth Knight is one of the foremost authorities on the Western esoteric tradition and practical ritual magic. Although he is now retired from public life, he is the author of well over 40 books on a diversity of esoteric subjects and spent many years doing workshops and lectures. He also plays the piano pretty well.